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Autorità di sistema portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale - Porto di Marina di Carrara
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The Port

  1. Photographic archive

    Photographic archive
    In questa sezione del sito sarà possibile visualizzare il nostro archivio fotografico.
  2. Planning and development

    Planning and development
    A vast Port developing Scheme has been produced, with the aim of adequately valorising the economic and commercial components of the port in their entirety. The Port Authority has [...]
  3. Sailing Club

    Sailing Club
    The Port hosts a glorious sailing club , which has been the breeding ground of great champions. The club manages 250 berths, and is at the hub of considerable activity connected to [...]
  4. Quays

    The Port of Carrara has 4 quays: Buscaiol Quay Taliercio Quay Chiesa Quay Fiorillo Quay
  5. Sea highway

    The Marina of Carrara port has commercial traffic with at least 85 ports and 48 nations all over the 5 continents. It has connection lines with all the states of the mediterranean area, of Mar Nero, Nord America, Occidental Africa, Mar Rosso, Arabic Gulf, Sud Africa, India, Madagascar, Central America, Sud America, Canada, Uniited States of America, Far east, China, Japan, Indian subcontinent, so [...]


  1. Equipment

    CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES The Port of Carrara is equipped with excellent cargo gears for the reliable, secure and fast moviment of all types of goods. It can rely on the power and versality of over 25 cranes of between 70 and 120 tons [...]
  2. Inter-modal service area

    Inter-modal service area
    The port of Marina di Carrara has an intermodal transport centre " AREA RETROPORTUALE APUANA ", through which 300.000 tons of imported goods are forwarded to their final Italian destinations and more than 200.000 tons of merchandise [...]
  3. Meteorological station

    To access the web interface of the Port of Marina di Carrara's Metereological Station click here
  4. Shipyards

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  5. Stevedoring companies

    Stevedoring companies
    " Porto di Carrara S.p.a." is acting as the stevedoring company of Marina di Carrara for the Handling of about 3 millions tons of dry cargo, excluding containers. The Company [...]
Autorità di sistema portuale del Mar Ligure Orientale - Porto di Marina di Carrara
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