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Port Authority Organs


The auditors is composed by three effective members and three temporary member, nominated with a decree of the minister of the transport and of the navigation, between the registered at the register of the count revisor. An effective member, with function of president, ad a temporary member are nominated by the Finance Minister.

Since the 31 december 1995, the auditors were nominated between the ones with some requisites pescritted for the inscription at the register of the accountant auditors as in decree of 27 january 1992, n88 following presentation of sostitutive declaration with notority act by every interested at the sense of law 4 january 1968,n 15 (cfr.:art 2,comma 12, legge 23 december 1996, n. 647).

The auditors stay in charge 4 years.

The auditors:

1) provide to comparison of the management, check the regularity of the accountant book and of the scripture and every three mount verify the cash

2) write a relation about the balance sheet and refer periodically to the minister of the trasports and of the navigation

3) assist to the reunion of the Port Commitee with just one of his member