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Port Authority Organs

Port Committee

The Port commitee:

a) approve within 90 days from it's installation, on propose of the president, the piano cooperativo for the next three years, subjected to a annual revision, about the development strategy of the portual activity, to guarantee the respect of the prefissed objective;
b) adopt the piano regolatore of the port;
c) approve the annual relation on the promotional activity, organizative and operative of the port, on the management of the service of common interest and about the manutention of the common parts in the port as well as about the administration of the areas and of the good of the marittimal government property in the territorial circoscription of the authority portual, to send within 30 april of the successive year at the minister of transport and of the navigation;
d) approve the preventive balance, obligatorily in balance or in active, the changing and the balance sheet;
e) deliberate in order at the concession of the article 6, comma 5;
f) express the opinion of the article 8, comma 3, leggere h) and i);
g) deliberate, on propose of the president, about the autorization and the concession in the articles 16 and 18 that last more than 4 years, deteminating the ammount of the relative fee, in the respect of the disposition in the decrete of the minister of trasports and navigation as seen in article 16 comma 4 and in the article 18, commi 1 e 3;
h) deliberate, on propose of the president, the appoint and the possible repeal of the general secretary;
i) deliberate, on propose of the president, with the general secretary, the composition of the general and operative secretariat (article 10) with a illustrated relation of the requirements wich justficate it;
l) deliberate about the reception of the joint agreement of the employement of the secretary tecnico-operative as in article 10;
m) deliberate in order about the equivalent accords as in article 18 comma 4;
n) promote and supervise at the carrying out of the norms in the article 23;
n.bis) approve, on propose of the president, the contability regulation, to send to minister of the trasport and of the navigation;
n.ter) approve, on propose of the president, the partecipation of the port authority to the society as in article 6 comma 6 legge 27 febbraio 1998, n. 30.