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Port Authority Organs


The President is nominated, according with the interessed Region, with a decree of the department of trasport and of the navigation, in the sphere of three expert of greatest and proved professional qualification in the sector of economy of the trasports and portual designed rispectively from the Provincia, from the Comune and from the Camere of Commercial, Industry, craftsmanship and agriculture, in according with the article 6, comma 7.

The trio is comunicated to the minister of trasports and of the navigation three mount before the end of the mandate.
The minister, with a justified act, can ask within 30th days a new trio of candidate from which choose.
In case there is no designation in the terms, the minister chose the president, according with the involved region, between personality expert and of greatest and proved qualitification for the role.
The president is the rappresentant of the Authority port, he stay in charge 4 years and can be reapponted only one time. In the first application of ths law the trio is presented to the minister within 31 march 1995.

Within that date the designation already arrived must be confirmed if the Ente, called in comma 1, dont want give a new nomination. (cfr. Art 2,comma 7, law 23 december 1996, n.647).