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Stevedoring companies

Imprese Portuali - Servizi
"Porto di Carrara S.p.a." is acting as the stevedoring company of Marina di Carrara for the Handling of about 3 millions tons of dry cargo, excluding containers.

The Company was established in 1992, and the average annual turnover is about 25 million Euro. "Porto di Carrara S.p.a." is one of the few Italian stevedoring companies that is fully certified for all handling operations "ISO 9001" offering full guarantee for a safe service.

The Company provides, inside the port, of its own area and warehouse used for the storage of particular goods for a total of about 12,000 square metres.
The stevedoring company "Porto di Carrara S.p.a." offers their customers its own "Intermodal Centre" (Area Retroportuale Apuana).


Via Nazario Sauro 71/A Marina di Carrara
Phone: 39 585 784341/3/4 - Fax: 39 585 784329

Port Terminal
Viale G. da Verrazzano - Marina di Carrara
Phone: 39 585 784430/24/25- Fax: 39 585 84413