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  • The access canal to the port is navigable for ships with a draught of up to 10 mt.
  • When approaching the mouth of the port, however, ships should test the depth of the sea constantly, given that is prone to continuous variation in this area.
  • The avarage tidal range is circa 30 cm.
  • The seawater density in the port is 1025. The end of the brekwater is marked by a red light.
  • The structure itself is also red, cylindrical in form and about 5 metres high.
  • The end of the inner dam is indicated by a green light, on a green column, about 5 metres high.
  • In the region of the base of the west pier quay (E.CHIESA) there is a lighthouse, in the form of a square tower, 22 metres high.
  • The Port of Carrara is included among the areas in which "the summer load line" is in force.

  • There is good, solid anchorage at a depth of 11-13 metres, in a seabed consisting of mud and sand.
  • The obligatory anchorage area is in the form of a circle, with a radius of a mile, and having its centre 1.5 miles from the red light of the port, in a direction of 210°.
All types of dry goods are shifted in the Port of Carrara. Every year more than three million tons of goods are loaded and unloaded, of which 78% is stone. Containers have been regulary shipped since 1998.