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Planning and development

Caratteristiche delle nuove banchine
A vast Port developing Scheme has been produced, with the aim of adequately valorising the economic and commercial components of the port in their entirety.

The Port Authority has drawn up a Port Masterplan which envisages a new port area with 4 further quays with a depth of 10.5 metres, with a waterfront of 1,800 metres, and a tourist port with 1,000 berths for pleasure craft.

The new Port Masterplan also envisages the creation of an area outside the Customs line for roll-on-roll-off and passenger ships, with its own passenger station; ample port warehouses with a total capacity of 18,000 sq. metres; roads dedicated to traffic travelling to and from the port and the improving of railway links to the port.

In its entirety the Port will have:
  • 3.300 metres of quayside, with a draught of 10 - 10.5 metres;
  • 5 port warehouses with a total capacity of 25,000 sq. metres;
  • A passenger station;
  • A shipyard able to build three ships at a time;
  • Storage area of 500,000 sq. metres.